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Security & Choice

We maximise the security of each of your investments by bringing together all the necessary factors to ensure your money is protected. Being independent, we can offer the best that the world’s largest Investment Houses and Insurance Companies have to offer;



Templar is regulated. The rules which we follow from the European Securities & Markets Association (ESMA) and MFSA are in force to help protect you, our client.

You can see Our Consumer Guide to MiFID here and The European Securities and Markets Association (ESMA) produced Consumer Benefits of MiFID II here (coming in 2018 – for your benefit).

Investment Holdings

The individual funds in your portfolio are kept separate from each other, from any technology platform, from any banking service and from Templar, in what is called a custodian service. In the unlikely event that we or any entities we work with should go bankrupt, your individual investment funds are protected and would be assigned to another regulated institution and or regulated adviser.


Your personal and account information is always protected in alignment with the highest standards the rules and regulations of regulated entities demand.


Many Banks, Investment Houses and the like may well be able to give you the above three but most are not structurally independent, cannot or do not offer you fully independent advice nor truly different investing options. Templar is fully independent, having no industry shareholders - other than the advisers who work for it - and Templar advisers do not hold shares in any investment companies.

Independent Advice

You might ask what is the difference between Independence and Independent Advice? Why is it important?

Independence means we are not attached in any way to any Investment House or Insurance Company or Bank, which helps give us the freedom to work with you to guide you to the best source of investment for you.

Providing independent investment advice is another benefit for you which is a separate and different matter to being an Independent company - Regulated Independent Advice gives all customers certain regulatory protections.

Many investment services providing funds, portfolios, investments etc are in reality not providing a licensed human being responsible for advising you. They are providing an Execution Only service in one form or another - a service that does not afford you regulatory protections.

Placing your money through an advisory process adds a very significant layer of regulatory protection for you which Execution Only services do not.

Templar provides individual, independent advice AND is independent.

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