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Protecting your family - and your wealth

When it comes to investments, savings and wealth building, we almost all go through the following 4 phases.

Wealth Accumulation

When saving funds, building pensions and accumulating property, it is important to ensure that taxes are as low as possible, charges are fair and, if something stops you accumulating wealth, that you are adequately insured to protect yourself and your family.

Wealth Management

Keep those taxes low, keep the charges fair and protect the capital you have accumulated.

Retirement & Wealth Decumulation

Plan for as much tax-free income as is legitimate - ensure you have an income for your lifetime and your spouses lifetime and either protect the capital you have accumulated or reduce your capital in a controlled manner to support your retirement.

Passing Wealth to the Next Generation

Ask yourself:

What % of your wealth in retirement do you wish to spend on yourself?

What % of your wealth do you wish to pass to your chosen beneficiaries?

Your answer will significantly affect your investment choices and tax planning.

Templar's advisers have the experience to help you put planning in place, whatever your answers are between 0% and 100%.

Coordinating Wealth and Family and Business Protection

Wherever you are within these phases taking action to protect you, your family and your business can make a real difference both today and in the future. Templar advisers provide advice and work with specialist advisers in the following areas to ensure you have a robust investment and wealth growth plan that is protected against the bad events that can and do occur;

Life Insurance

Can protect against tax bills on death, provide tax free money for families and businesses when the loss of an importance person comes about and ensure that the right amount of money is available, in the right hands, when someone dies.

Medical Insurance

Whether it is for you or others, comprehensive protection is vital for support to recover from medical issues and to help you get going again quickly

Income Protection Insurance

If a major income stream is suddenly turned off through a death or serious illness, where there are family or business responsibilities it is vital that income is replaced – not just for the present but to continue to give those future plans a chance of maturing in such circumstances.

Inheritance Tax

If you have significant assets and no Will (or one that is out of date) in either the country you reside or in the countries where your assets are, we hope you are planning on immortality! Unless you have no spouse or children, or care little where your wealth goes when you die, you should ensure your Will and any wealth holding structure is fit for purpose, reflects your wishes and is up to date. Otherwise your wealth may not go where you intend it to.

If you are not clear that your Will and Inheritance Tax Planning achieves the following goals, you should speak to us.

  • Zero, or close to zero, Inheritance Tax

  • That no future spouse, business partner or creditor of any beneficiary can have access to any inherited wealth

We frequently encounter scenario’s where the above two goals are not accomplished in their entirety within family or business planning.

Trusts, Foundations & Company Structures

Take advice from specialists, which we co-ordinate and provide Investment advice. Malta is a popular and safe haven for such structures within the European Union.

Templar offers independent and personalised advice in these areas. Where specialists are required, we work with them to ensure your plans come together. This means we can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs.

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