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“My property is my pension, my wealth” – a sentiment often used when discussing investment & retirement. Or property might be referred to “as safe as houses” by comparison to other investments.

Poor returns on cash continue to lead to people to take an interest in rental returns from property and potential growth. Plenty of people take advantage of investment into property, but finding the right property investment can be tough. For some people, owning a tangible asset such as bricks and mortar is preferable to more intangible assets such as shares, funds and bonds.

We are not estate agents, but property invariably forms a part of our clients’ wealth, so we make it our business to be informed in this asset class.

We can assist in the arena of property in different ways, including:

  • Sourcing and advising on property funds and managed property propositions, where the investor does not want to manage property.
  • For business minded or more professional clients, providing secured investor loan facilities with proven property developers who will pay the investing client typically 6% -10% per annum over a term of 3-5 years, and offer first or second or company charges over the property as security. Our role is to ensure any proposition is what it says on the tin and assess the risk, checking any investing client “knows what they are doing”.
  • Working with Trusts, Pensions and other administrative structures to buy property.
  • Tax planning for property portfolios.


Some property investment advice is not regulated by the MFSA. Whenever discussions or activities are outside of MFSA regulation, Templar EIS will make you aware of this.

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