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Investments Wealth Building

Independent Investing

Diversified Portfolios Keep You Safe

Increasing wealth and securing capital is of paramount importance to your future financial well being. Any investment advice and management must be right for you as an individual.

You might be investing to achieve;

Independent investment advice is important because it gives you access to the best fund managers for growth and with the ability to diversify can offset typical investment risks including currency risk, risk to capital, product or provider risk, inflation risk, geographic risk and government intervention risk.

Your reason for investing might be retirement, generation planning, general wealth building or school fees. Whatever your reasons, there are two questions you should ask yourself before investing :

“What can I gain?” (your potential reward)

“How much do I stand to lose?” (your potential investment risk).

Ongoing independent investment advice is vital because whilst no-one can predict the future, we know that – good and bad investment managers come and go – Governments and currencies falter – regulations and tax regimes change – you the investing client change. These risks and future changes are best offset by ongoing access to independent advice. At Templar, we carefully select different, outstanding investment managers and product providers to diversify your investments, reduce risk and manage your wealth.

Risks are offset through access to a range of growth opportunities, diversified investment allocation and independent fund choice.

The right investment portfolio for you will include a diverse range of assets and or funds, so that your money is invested for the right growth and risk balance for you

Other factors include

Administration: who should house or administer your funds. Should it be a known and trusted insurance company, a stock broker or a fund house?

Tax: if you are an EU expat within or outside the EU, your current residence and expected future residence will affect the likely best administrator for you.

As independent advisers, we recognise that no single investment house has a monopoly of investment expertise. We do not employ in-house managers or run our own funds or have shareholders with interests in fund management groups. We carefully select a few external managers to diversify your portfolio and a range of funds to behave at a risk level acceptable to you

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