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Investment Process

Step 1

Establish whether you want income, growth or both.

Understand what any growth in your assets or income needs to achieve for you.

Step 2

We determine the amount of risk that is right for you personally.

Step 3

Suitable investments are suggested in writing and we check you know what you are doing before proceeding.


Independence = Real Choice

Having established the right risk of investment for you, when providing a personally risk rated and diversified fund choice, we also make available three tried and tested pathways to give you real choice – Ask us what these are !

The Right Portfolio for You

Part of this process involves establishing the right asset allocation for you (accessing different assets alongside accessing different fund managers). This is the science of matching a given level of risk to a suitably constructed portfolio of equity, bond, property and cash assets, based on many decades of data used to measure the long-term performance and volatility of such assets.



What we do NOT do

Keep the same investment managers forever. Successful investment is vital to support your future financial well being. We are all aware that future performance can be unpredictable and the dilemma is, no matter how successful an investment manager is today you can never be sure they are the right choice for tomorrow. Our independence and ongoing service helps ensure you keep with the successful fund managers as time goes by, by changing them if necessary.

Place your money in the hands of our own team of investment managers. We build and maintain a well-diversified investment portfolio for our clients by NOT placing your money in the hands of our own team of investment managers, and instead advising on placing it with independent regulated investment managers from recognised wealth management firms anywhere in the world. We are completely independent and so free to help you make the right choices at the start and on an ongoing basis.

Our advisers support you – others support our advisers

The responsibility of selecting the range of funds and fund managers falls upon your Investment Adviser, guided by our Investment Committee. The Investment Committee is supported by independent outsourced research, helping to ensure clients are accessing the best, most appropriate investment solutions available across the globe.



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