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The information contained in the videos below are generic and should not be construed as Investment advice of any kind. They are provided for general education purposes only.

This information is designed to help any reader understand the basics of investing in certain asset classes and the associated risk, as well as some basic principles of financial planning. The videos are provided by investment companies, who are credited as the supplier, and who support the Independent Investment Advice market.

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Investment planning for the different stages of Life

Retiring now or already in retirement ?

Ensure your income is life long NOW and consider whether you have funds to up that rocking lifestyle or simply to give away? Perhaps somewhere in the middle ?

On the run up to retirement?

NOW is the time to be realistic about the future and start protecting your wealth.

At your midlife peak ?

Serious job, serious commitments and serious about the future? Time to focus! NOW is the time to make a long term financial difference.

Young and starting to save for the future?

Start saving NOW – it matters

Investment Risks

Should you take any risk at all?

And are you a calculating or emotional high risk taker ?

The balance

between safe savings and investing with a risk and a bigger potential reward

Growing your savings in a Bank vs Investing for growth

Investment rewards and the risks to get those rewards

Working with Regulated licenced professionals

When to work with a licenced investment adviser and the best way to invest for you.

Do it yourself investment or employing an Investment manager ?

Investing Diversely with professional Investment management with Managed funds, Mutual funds, Investment companies reduces risk and gives flexibility

Shares and Equity Investments

Shares, stocks or Equities

Tiny pieces of large companies which share in company growth and income.

Shares, stocks or Equites - risks and rewards

Bonds and fixed return investments

Bonds – lending your money to Companies and Governments

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