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At Templar, we are mindful of the changing regulatory landscape from 2018 - with MiFIDII and IDD coming into force - and all the future opportunities an ever-changing world may bring.

Templar offers business and career opportunities to those in the industry that share our vision of the future, which has TRANSPARENCY at its core.

  • Clients will interact more by digital means
  • Clients will continue to demand human interaction whilst taking full advantage of technology.
  • Clients, particularly expatriates, will need a cross-border service that moves with them around Europe and the World.
  • Regulation will insist on - and clients will demand - total transparency with 24/7 access to information on investments
  • The cost of investing will be driven down
  • Tax efficiency and security of capital will be a main driver, over and above dreaming of fantastical returns, Steady growth will be key.
  • Financial arrangements and remuneration between the regulated advisory company and its advisors must be 100% transparent.
  • Advisers, professional introducers and company representatives must be able to provide their service in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Advisers, professional introducers and company representatives interested in building careers and businesses must be able to offer the above benefits through a combined Investment and Insurance licence, based in a robust and respected regulatory environment. They must be truly Independent and supported by technology.

If you share our vision, have industry experience and wish to find out how we might work with you to help build your business and service your clients, contact


If you are bogged down by regulation and wish to de-register or if you are not currently regulated but want to work to work alongside a firm that is, TALK TO US IN STRICT CONFIDENCE.

Templar European Investment Services are looking for ex-advisers with existing clients banks to work with them.

The Regulation of Financial Advisers, Financial Institutions and Product Providers is now becoming more and more intensive in many parts of the World and agencies will become harder and harder to maintain where there is little or no regulation to underpin you and your business.

Based in Malta, we are regulated by the MFSA and provide first class advice to our clients via our Investment licence (MiFID II) and our Insurance licenses (IMD). Both licences are pass-ported into all other 27 EU countries – see our site for further details:  We are a privately owned and truly INDEPENDENT Investment adviser. We do not run our own broker funds or mirror funds.

In most cases we can accept clients onto our books. Where clients have a mixture of non-regulated and regulated investments we will look to gradually convert them to holding only fully regulated investments as and when this is possible.

We will not accept any liability for the investments a client may have when they move to us, but once they are being advised by us, we will do our utmost to ensure that their investment portfolios are aligned to a level of risk that is appropriate of them. This process can be undertaken in a sensitive manner so as not to alienate the existing adviser (within reason). Where we feel that an existing investment portfolio (or pension) is simply too far ‘out of kilter’ for us to add any value, we will inform you before any contact is made with a client.

Watch our video to see how we choose to work with our valued clients.

Let us take the strain the regulatory burden so that you can concentrate on spending time with clients, in the knowledge that your relationships with them are now more likely to be long term ones!

For an informal and confidential discussion, contact us now at or call James in strict confidence on 00356 9904 0490.

It may be the smartest move you ever make – BOTH FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR CLIENTS.

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