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Available to residents of all EU countries, the UK and expatriates globally.
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Investment & Pension Specialists

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Independent Investment & Financial Advice

We provide regulated, independent investment & financial advice to individuals, trustees and businesses, on their Euro, USD and GBP investments and investment portfolios within the multi-billion, global, regulated fund environment.

As European independent investment advisers, insurance mediators and wealth managers, we hold licencing to provide regulated investment advice to any resident or expatriate of the EU and EEA. We are independent of all other institutions and fund managers. We are not limited to working with insurance companies or banks. We have no conflicts of interest which might dilute the independence of our advice. We have no external shareholders. We are not stockbrokers, insurance representatives or bankers and we do not hold client assets.


What We Can Do For You

The Directors of Templar and its regulated advisers have an average of 25+ years’ experience in helping clients make the right investment choices, alongside planning their income and wealth management needs.

We deliver our services from Malta to our EU & worldwide clients and provide local services to Maltese residents and expatriates living here.

Contact us and find out why we are different, how we are regulated, who we work for and what our clients experience when engaging with us. We are committed to providing appropriate solutions for you and guarantee that a recommendation of any investment, insurance or wealth management product or service will be suitable for you.

Protecting your wealth & your family

Protect your capital and yourself throughout life’s challenges.

Retirement & Pensions

You deserve financial independance – We deliver independent Investment Advice.

Investments & Wealth Building

Independence and diversity is key. We access the whole world of investments for you.

Other Services

The right trust, foundation, business, trading structure and administration matters.

Why diversify your Investment?

The Benefits of a Well-Diversified Portfolio

It has been proven many times that the best way to achieve long term growth in an investment portfolio is to spread a portfolio of investments across many different asset classes.

The simple fact is that no one knows which area or asset class is going to outperform in the next year or so. And it tends to change from year to year. Another important factor is risk. By diversifying across multiple asset classes we can also reduce risk. The two main asset classes are equities (company shares) and fixed interest (loans to companies on Governments). Equities provide the growth and some income but have more risk involved, whilst fixed interest provides some income but with less risk.

At Templar EIS we specialise in finding the right diversified investments to maximise profit and minimise risk.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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